Photo of Arabella Craig '27

Each summer provides opportunities for students to recharge and explore their interests. As part of the Sacred Heart Network, Stone Ridge students are able to participate in Summer Service Projects that bring together students from across the Network to examine various social justice issues. Rooted in the criteria of Goal III, Summer Service Projects are “immersive learning experiences that promote the inherent dignity of all humans and deepen students’ understanding of service to others,” ( Several Stone Ridge participants this year are reporting on their experiences engaging in critical analysis and enacting their civic responsibility through direct service in their selected project. Our third story in this series is written by Arabella Craig ’27, who attended the Committed to Creation program at Sacred Heart Schools, in Chicago, Illinois.

Committed to Creation

By Arabella Craig '27

Describe what the trip was about and why you chose it? Committed to Creation is about our earth and food. How we handle food for those who cant afford it, healthy eating, and how all our actions are impacting the environment. I thought this looked interesting because our earth is very important and learning about how food and things like fast fashion are factoring into climate change. I wanted to see how I could help and learn more about the problem and solution.
What did you learn during the trip? During the trip, I learned about food deserts, and how in some communities it will take people sometimes over an hour to find a decent grocery store. We watched a documentary about fast fashion and how so many people will buy clothes they only wear 2–3 times and then throw them out to get more clothes and the clothes they threw out will pile up in landfills. Also, I learned about SNAP and how they give food stamps to people who can't afford to buy food for their families.
What takeaways did you have that were unexpected? One takeaway I had was that if everyone, as a whole, does at least one thing for our environment, whether that is volunteering at a food pantry, saving energy, or spreading awareness, it all has a big impact. There are many things you can do to help and they all matter.
How will you incorporate what you learned? I am going to look for food pantries or soup kitchens to volunteer near where I live. I also am going to not buy from fast fashion companies and let people know about food deserts and SNAP so that they are aware of what they are.