Alicia Gebara '24 in Omaha with students for Network Service

Each summer provides opportunities for students to recharge and explore their interests. As part of the Sacred Heart Network, Stone Ridge students are able to participate in Summer Service Projects that bring together students from across the Network to examine various social justice issues. Rooted in the criteria of Goal III, Summer Service Projects are “immersive learning experiences that promote the inherent dignity of all humans and deepen students’ understanding of service to others,” ( Several Stone Ridge participants this year are reporting on their experiences engaging in critical analysis and enacting their civic responsibility through direct service in their selected project. Our second in this series is written by Alicia Gebara ’24, who attended the Mission Driven Music program at the Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mission Driven Music

By Alicia Gebara ’24

This trip was amazing. We were a group of 9 girls from Sacred Heart schools in DC, Michigan, NYC, Boston, Seattle, and Nebraska including myself. It was incredible. We learned music and performed it all over the Omaha area, places like Table Grade Café, Open Door Mission, and assisted living facilities with Alzheimer's patients. I chose this trip because as a Stone Ridge girl, I’ve always been taught to pursue my talents and dreams in music. This trip gave me an opportunity to not only do that, but do it with like minded Sacred Heart girls. This trip combined my two favorite things – music and service. 

What did you learn during the trip? I learned so much musically, mostly about percussion, as we were taught by a drumming expert. I learned about invasive species as well when we weeded the gardens at Duchesne. I learned how places like the ones we served work. I also learned things about Nebraska’s culture like how to husk corn and I tried an Omaha steak (which was delicious!).

What takeaways did you have that were unexpected? To be honest, I had no expectations going into this. I didn’t think it would be nearly as fun as it was. On this trip, I made so many best friends that I know I will keep for life. We all cried at the end of the trip about how we never wanted to leave Nebraska. That was unexpected!

How will you incorporate what you learned? I will definitely pursue learning more about percussion now. Shout out to Ms. Pierce for showing me how fun drumming can be! Aside from that, I will definitely try to make a drive at Stone Ridge to donate to places like Table Grace. I will tell everyone about this experience as it really changed my life.


Alicia Gebara '24 works with elderly man on drums
Alicia Gebara '24 in Omaha with students for Network Service