Religious Literacy and Global Education Presentation

Dr. Katie White and Dr. Jeanne Downey-Vanover, in collaboration with Melody Fox Ahmed from National Cathedral School and Jessica Campbell from Woodlands Academy, presented at the Global Education Benchmark Group’s annual conference earlier this month. Their presentation titled: Religion and Global Education: Making the Connection for Religious Literacy and Interfaith Action, touched on the need for religious literacy to ready students for global citizenship.

Presentation Abstract: Although scholars often refer to the “resurgence” of religion in world affairs, the reality is that religion has always been a phenomenon deeply rooted in all aspects of human personality and social life. For global educators, the religious dimensions of the cultures and societies we study and interact with, and in the lives of the students we teach, are of deep importance – we know that it is impossible to ignore religion and educate for global citizenship. Many of our schools, programs, and ourselves as individuals are inspired by religion, faith, and/or ethical commitments. These commitments shape our work as global educators and practitioners in diverse ways. We may work at a school rooted in a religious tradition’s mission, teach subjects that intersect with religion and world affairs, and/or be personally interested in exploring how to connect global education with religion to support our students and promote religious literacy. Come explore how we are incorporating faith dimensions in our global work with our students and partner communities. 

Presenters: Melody Fox Ahmed from NCS will share her work and resources from the Episcopal school lens, and from her experience working with a Jesuit schools network and in international interfaith dialogue. 

Dr. Jeanne Downey-Vanover and Dr. Katie White from Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart and Jessica Campbell from Woodlands Academy will share their work and resources from the Sacred Heart Network.