Stone Ridge Musician
I am Chloe Brokt '27, and I am a Stone Ridge musician!
I was first introduced to the sound of the violin during pre-school at Geneva Day School. I loved it and asked my parents if I could begin learning how to play. At four years old, I began lessons and quickly learned that being a musician requires daily practice. I joined the Stone Ridge Lower School in third grade and enrolled in Mrs. Cunha's after-school violin group classes. In Middle School, I continued to play in Orchestra and Crescendo Strings. This Fall, I will be an eighth grader. Being a Stone Ridge musician has been a commitment that offered me many opportunities to grow. Preparing to perform in rehearsals for mass, Christmas, and Spring concerts with the String Orchestra is always a fun challenge, and it brings me a good feeling of accomplishment and community when we perform well together. Several years ago, Mrs. Cunha organized a "Rock Violin" workshop for SR string students. This was my first introduction to what is now my favorite music-making tool, the looper. Looping with an instrument is a very fun way to be creative and expressive and build your own kind of music. I basically play a musical sentence, and it is recorded into the looper pedal. The looper plays the sentence back to me, and then I can go on, creating new sentences and continuing the story. This can go on to create a multilayered piece of music. I love this style because it seems to balance the more regulated practice needed in classical music, which is the foundation that allows me freedom in this kind of creative work. Believe it or not, there are many rock songs based on classical pieces! Being a Stone Ridge musician has helped me to develop self-confidence in several styles. My daily practice now consists of classical and looping/creative playing. Currently, I am working on Praeludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler, which is a challenging classical piece. Once I master it, I might explore new arrangements using the looper pedal. During the time of COVID-19, my violin was a valuable companion and allowed me to handle my emotions in a healthy way. If you are considering trying an instrument at Stone Ridge, go for it! It is a lot of fun, and you never know what musical pathway it may take you down.