Congratulations to Mr. Peter Rook and Mr. Stanley Johnson, winners of the High School Principal Association’s 2021 Educator of the Year Award. The awards recognize the devotion of veteran and novice Catholic secondary school educators in the Archdiocese of Washington. They speak to the value we all place on faithful service, excellence, best practices, and innovations in Catholic secondary school teaching.

Mr. Peter Rook—Veteran Teacher of the Year
As a veteran teacher, Mr. Rook is honored with this award for modeling exemplary leadership, continuous personal and professional growth and providing transformative experiences for students by responding to the Gospel call for peace and justice, among others. His most formative experience was "Greek Day" in 4th grade at the Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia. He earned a medal in the "Marathon" (two laps around the field), made his Chiton, learned the Greek alphabet, and has been hooked on both Classics and running ever since. 

Mr. Rook’s love for the classics began early, in Grade 7, studying Latin and acquiring an affinity for ancient Greek in Grade 9. He attended Haverford College and the University of Virginia, earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Classics. Additionally, he kept up his love for running from high school throughout his post-college years, competing on the cross country and track & field teams. He has been fortunate enough to continue living that joy teaching Latin and coaching cross-country and track & field at Stone Ridge since the 2007-08 school year. Mens sana in corpore sano! Mr. Rook is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, enjoys competitive trivia, and tries to keep in good enough shape to keep up with Stone Ridge student runners. 

Mr. Stanley Johnson—New Teacher of the Year
Mr. Stanley Johnson was recognized as a new Stone Ridge teacher who demonstrates a commitment to the spiritual growth of the school community and deep care for the well-being of students, among others. Mr. Johnson has been an educator for more than twenty-five years. During that time, he served in many capacities, including learning innovator, technology policymaker, and educational technology program planner and implementer.

Formerly with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Mr. Johnson served as Executive Director of Instructional Technology and State Educational Technology Director. In that role, he developed state and local educational technology standards for the use of hardware and software for the school system. He aligned all related professional development for teachers and administrators.  

Mr. Johnson has served as an advisor for a broad range of child and educator-focused technology and public policy initiatives, including the Public Broadcasting System’s National Teachers’ Institute, Fairfax Public Schools; Apple; IBM; and the former Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. He has testified before Congress and has participated in international technology roundtables between policymakers and educators worldwide.  

As a Stone Ridge School Community member, he applies his life experiences and skills to help support the students, staff, and faculty of the Upper School.

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