Voices & Agency Day: A Reflection on Goal IV
Today, April 8, Stone Ridge celebrated Voices & Agency Day: A Reflection on Goal IV, a school-wide celebration highlighting individuality and our spirit as a diverse community. Over the course of the day, each division held age-appropriate activities to lift up student voices, passions, and identities emphasizing Goal IV, the building of community as a Christian value. In Lower School, children expressed themselves by making name or identity bracelets and contributing to a sidewalk chalk mural. Middle School students had additional opportunities to explore using their voice for positive change by creating blackout poetry and producing reflective first-person podcast stories. In Upper School, students watched West African and Ethiopian dances, immersing themselves in the history and culture of those regions. Upper School students rotated through their Diversity and Culture Groups, and participated in workshops across campus learning step routines, dance, making bracelets, bookmarks, and writing poetry. Middle and Upper School students created their own chalk murals adorning Campus Walk, which highlighted various social issues significant to them. All of the day's activities engaged students in unifying, meaningful, and fun exploration of themselves and others in the community.
Paige Kenny ’22 and Gisele Sonnier ’23 spent months organizing the event with the help of faculty advisors Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Michelle Black, and Upper School DEI Co-leaders Barbara Beachler and Casey Robertson. Paige described the day as a good mix of “celebration and education.” Giselle reflected that the main goal was highlighting “the many ways that diversity enhances our school community,” and hopes “people take away that diversity builds us up.”
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion