From Start to Finish

Art teacher, Emma Stevenson Cowan blogged about this past pandemic year. "This year my Studio II class was one of the MOST resilient group of students I have ever taught. They dealt with disruptions to their schedules in a chaotic year, and STILL,

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A Key Moment in Stone Ridge History

“What we celebrate today is not only this spectacular space, but also what the building represents—a new beginning in many respects, a new start, a new day,” said Head of School Catherine Ronan Karrels '86, presiding over today’s Key Transfer Celebration for The Mater Center. The ceremony marked the near completion of the Cor Unum • One Heart  capital project that began five years ago which includes a new loop road, playgrounds, campus walk and renovations to the academic building, expanding classrooms and unifying spaces. Recognizing the project as a “mission-critical expansion of space,” essential to Goal IV of the Sacred Heart tradition—to educate to building of community as a Christian value. 

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SR Faculty and Staff Earns $10,000 for Scholarships!

Stone Ridge faculty and staff have been participating in wellness programming for seven years now. Educators Benefits Services (EBS) encourages AIMS schools to form Health & Wellness Committees to promote employee well-being, and Stone Ridge answered the call!

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No Place for Hate®

Stone Ridge has earned the No Place for Hate® designation again for the 2020-2021 school year! As a community of students, educators and family members, we recognize we all play a role in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate. @ADL_WashDC #noplaceforhate

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Julia Carr '21 Profiled in Catholic Standard

The Catholic Standard profiled members of the class of 2021 from Catholic schools in Archdiocese of Washington, and Catholic graduates from local parishes in a series called "Stories of Hope, Faith and Perseverance from Class of 2021."

Julia Carr '21 gave an inspiring interview for the Catholic Standard graduation edition. Read the article

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Stone Ridge Debate Team

Congratulations to all of our Gator speakers and debaters and thank you to all parent volunteers! The Stone Ridge Speech & Debate team would not have been able to compete this year without your active support!

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Are you up for the Horton Technique Challenge?

This school year, Upper School dancers learned Lester Horton modern dance technique.The Horton Technique, has no style, per se. The technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable unrestricted, dramatic freedom of expression

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Chicken Learning in Grade 1

Mrs. Bigler's Grade 1 students have 5 chicks (2 teens and 3 new babies) in their classroom. They have been taking care of them and learning about eggs and chickens through a project in STEAM. 

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