A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Gifts of Endowment

A thriving endowment is essential to the future of Stone Ridge. While the endowment is healthy, it is still not adequate to meet the annual needs of our students. It is imperative that we grow and nurture the endowment to ensure that Stone Ridge’s potential for educating the whole child is never limited by lack of resources.

A strong endowment provides a consistent and stable revenue source that:

  • Makes possible a top-tier faculty that will generate excellence in the classroom and beyond;
  • Delivers educational programs that redefine how students learn and faculty teach;
  • Fulfills the goal of access to a Sacred Heart education for all qualified students;
  • Makes state-of-the art tools available to students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of learning and;
  • Ensures that Stone Ridge will always deliver on the promise to educate the whole child

Gifts of any size can be applied to the general endowment and allow the most flexibility to meet current needs. To establish a specific endowed fund, a minimum gift is required.


The following named Endowed Funds have been established at Stone Ridge by alumnae, parents, faculty and staff, and friends in support of the professional growth and talent of teachers, the enrichment of a particular subject’s curriculum, and/or designated funds to support financial aid for students.

Student Financial Aid

Alexandra Armstrong Scholarship Fund
This fund was established by Alexandra Armstrong ’56 to provide tuition assistance especially in situations when a student is met with unexpected financial need.

Anne Dyer, RSCJ Scholarship Fund
Through an initial, generous donation from the Kiplinger Foundation in November 2000, this fund has been named to honor the thirty-eight years (1968-2006) of stewardship and service of Sr. Anne Dyer to Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. It is Sr. Dyer’s wish that this fund be her legacy and that deserving girls, who might not otherwise be able to attend Stone Ridge, receive a Sacred Heart education in her name.

Dickinson Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1985 by a major contribution from Mr. Edward Dickinson to be used at the discretion of the Head of School. It has become a source of tuition assistance for students in need.

Sandra Dubinsky Scholarship Fund
Named in honor of former Director of Admission, Sandra B. Dubinsky, this fund supports financial aid for students at Stone Ridge.

The Carlette Engel De Janosi Scholarship Fund
This endowed scholarship was established by Madeleine Engel de Janosi McMullan ’46 and her husband, James, in memory of Mrs. McMullan’s mother, who was a French teacher at “1719.” The fund provides scholarship aid to an Upper School Student.

Sister Irene Good Scholarship Fund
This fund is named for Sister Irene Good who lived and worked at Stone Ridge on two difference occasions for nearly fifteen years. Sister Good is most remembered for her love of mathematics and her unique ability to teach the subject.

John C. Kavanagh Scholarship Fund
Established in April 1986 by his daughters, Mary Kavanagh Sherry, Anne Kavanagh Stroh, Marcia Kavanagh Dodge, Carol Kavanagh McGinley ’66, Patricia Kavanagh ’67, Maureen Kavanagh Goldstein ’70, and Kathryn Kavanagh Baran ’72, this fund offers financial assistance to a student in need.

Koonz Scholarship Fund
Established in 1987 to provide financial assistance to an Upper School student.

Patricia Krane Memorial Fund
This fund was established for Patricia Krane who joined the Stone Ridge faculty in the Lower School in 1972. Mrs. Krane, who died in 1987, is best remembered for her gift of teaching young people to memorize and recite poetry that would remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Diana Scully Lee Memorial Fund
This fund was established in 1985 by Dr. and Mrs. James H. Scully to honor their daughter, Diana Scully Lee ’65, who died in her early thirties. It provides a scholarship in memory of Mrs. Lee who is remembered by her family and friends as a vibrant woman and mother of three.

Anthony F. and Mary Malia Scholarship Fund
Gerald Malia, a former trustee and president of the Fathers’ Club and his wife, Kaki Carolan Malia ’53, a former president of the Stone Ridge Alumnae Board, set up this scholarship in honor or Mr. Malia’s parents. The Malia’s three daughters, Mary Catherine Malia Higgins ’78, Carolan Malia Taylor ’79, and Elizabeth Malia ’83, are Stone Ridge graduates. This grant is awarded to a student entering the Upper School from the Middle School.

Marie McCarthy Scholarship Fund
This fund is named for Marie McCarthy, a graduate of Newton Academy, who taught chemistry at Stone Ridge for twenty-five years. Mrs. McCarthy designed and implemented the first science curriculum for the Middle and Upper Schools at Stone Ridge and was named 1988 Chemistry Teacher of the Year. At her request upon her retirement in 1988, a scholarship was established in her name to offer financial assistance to students in need.

Mother Mouton Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Boland initiated this fund with a major gift in 1985. Mother Odeide Mouton, who holds a special place in the memory of many alumnae, served as headmistress of Stone Ridge form 1957-1968. She spent her last years in a retirement community for the Religious of the Sacred Heart in California.

Joan McNeil Tambasco Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in loving memory of Joan McNeil Tambasco by her husband Anthony Tambasco. Joan joined the Middle School faculty at Stone Ridge in 1981 and taught Social Studies and Religion before retiring in 1996. Joan is remembered for her deep faith, and her talent to bring out the best in people—especially young people. In true Sacred Heart tradition, Joan set clear standards and challenged her students to be creative thinkers and empowered leaders. She was truly a beloved teacher.

Nadine Wetzler Scholarship Fund
Nadide Wetzler a longtime friend to Stone Ridge community and mother of Nadia ’89 and Andrea ’91, died January 1992. Her family sponsored this memorial fund.

Maureen Coffey Wood Fund
This fund, in memory of Maureen Coffey Wood ’62, was established by her family, Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Coffey (Mary Catherine Mudell ’34) Christine Coffey Ryan ’67, and Anne Coffey Proctor ’69, to support the efforts of the guidance department.

Wendy M. Wright Endowed Scholarship Fund
This fund was established by the family and friends of Wendy M. Wright upon her retirement in 2002. After thirty-two years of service to Stone Ridge, Mrs. Wright is remembered especially as the head of the Lower School. The fund supports tuition assistance of a Lower School student.

Facility Support

Chapel Fund
Contributions to this fund support and maintain our beautiful Chapel in Hamilton House.

Faculty and Program Support

Employee Critical Needs Fund
Contributions to this fund help offset yearly expenses to address staff members’ needs that are not covered by Stone Ridge long-term and short-term disability benefits.

Julian E. Gillespie, Jr. Athletic Fund
This fund was set up following the sudden and untimely death of Julian Gillespie in 1982, the father of four Stone Ridge alumnae, Joan Gillespie Swift ’78, Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer ’79, Elizabeth Gillespie Billings ’80, and Julie Gillespie Sanders ’82. Proceeds are used to support the athletic department.

The Thomas and Barbara Hoy Fund for Faculty Development

The Thomas and Barbara Hoy Fund for Faculty Development is an endowed fund established by Christine Hoy Gosnell ’79 (mother of Charlotte ’14) and Elizabeth Hoy Shiverick ’78 (mother of Liza Reetz ’11—91st Street) in honor of their parents. Thomas and Barbara greatly value the role that a Sacred Heart education played in their lives, and continues to play in the lives of their granddaughters. Income from the Fund supports the ongoing growth of the faculty at Stone Ridge.

Daniel-Valdis Lubkans Fund
This fund was created in 1987 in memory of the son of Catherine Hall and Andrejs Lubkans. Ms. Hall was a longtime English teacher in the Upper School. The fund supports the Lower School speaker series.

The Thomas Allen Manfuso Faculty Development Fund
This endowed fund established by John A. Manfuso, Jr. in memory of the late Thomas Allen Manfuso, supports professional development for English teachers.

McComas Fund
The McComas Fund was established in 1998 with a gift from Louis McComas. The fund encourages the study of economics at Stone Ridge.

Schultz Fund
The Schultz Fund, established in 1995 by Dr. and Mrs. Guillermo Schultz, is a fund that provides financial support for programs and tools designed to help students with learning differences.

St. Madeleine Sophie Faculty Enrichment Fund
This fund, established by an anonymous donor, provides funds for faculty study, travel, and other forms of enrichment.

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